DXCluster lets you know in real time who is on the frequencies and where it was listened to the last time.
It permits you to create filters to only see which frequency/CQ Zone/ITU Zone and/or Country (of the DX or the spotter),you also have the option so setup a filter based on the mode (CW,Digital, phone).
And after that you can have an alarm corresponding to a specific Zone or a specific country via a different color, a sound or a popup.

-Real-time spot (no pooling)
-Send contact to the cluster
-List of cluster in the preference of the iPhone
-Filter based on mode (CW, Digital, Voice), based on band plan from ITU.org
-Filter based on any choice of the HAM band (one or several at a time)
-Filter based on country
-Filter based on prefix
-Filter based on CQ/ITU zone
-Filter based on the country of the spotter
-Filter based on the CQ/ITU zone of the spotter
-Alarm based on prefix
-Alarm based on CQ/ITU zone
-Alarm based on country
-Alarm is with sound or popup
-You can add any sound you want (wav,caf,aif)
-Detail view of the spot (including country)
-Display of messages sent to ALL in blue
-Display of propagation messages in blue
-Update the databse (LOTW and prefix) directly via the app

Known bug and road map on the support URL
Thank you for reviewing and rating the App so I can improve it



Hi There Arno I have purchased your dx cluster a few months ago and would like to say great app thank you. I have just updated my call sign and wanted to know if I can update it in the app? I cant see any where to do it? I was 2E0TIL and now I am M0PLA.

Thank you for purchasing this app. You can change your call sign under the settings -> DXCluster -> CallSign On the iPhone, not on the app itself. 73, Arno (hb9vid)

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